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March Jersey Contest Results

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner for the March Jersey Contest!  Here are the Top Ten finishers, in reverse order:

10(tie).     Darkwebs     887 points

10(tie).     Doyouknowtheruffinman   887 points

9.              Sterles  890 points

8.              You'vegottomakeyourfreethrows  892 points

7.              Oldschool  897 points

6.              Saregister  901 points

5.              Halfasiansensation  905 points

4.              TheNatural#7   911 points

3.              Amlmart1   924 points

2.              Megustannumerocinco  929 points

And the March Jersey Contest winner is...

1.             Sir-1   938 points


The winner of the caricature for scoring 77 points, drawn at random from all 77-point scorers this month, is...

50backflips, who scored a 77 in the game against Denver on March 5th.

You can find the entire March scoreboard here.

Congratulations to our winners and thanks to everyone who played this year!  Tune in tomorrow late in the day to find the list of playoff participants.  The playoffs (participation by invitation only) begin with Friday afternoon's game.

--Dave (