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Jersey Contest Update

Tomorrow night's game is the last Jersey Contest game for March.  As always, somebody is going to win a jersey after that game concludes!  But March also marks the end of our regular Jersey Contest and the beginning of the Jersey Contest playoffs.  On Wednesday we will announce (and e-mail) the playoff participants.  They (and ONLY they) will be invited to enter Friday's game, which begins the Jersey Contest Playoffs proper.

Here's how it's going to work this year. 

The Jersey Contest Playoffs will include a number of people at the beginning.  Every game or two the low scorers will be winnowed out, resulting in fewer and fewer people continuing on.  At the end of the Blazers' regular season we will be down to our final group, which will probably consist of five players.

Those five players will compete against each other during the Blazers' playoff run for as long as those games last.  If the Blazers get ousted in the first round this year it'll probably be 5-7 games.  If the Blazers somehow make it to the NBA Finals these guys could be predicting 20+ games.  The point being, whichever of the final five players is ahead when the Blazers finally end their playoff run will be declared the Jersey Contest victor for the year and be awarded the Grand Prize. 

I'm not going to mention what the Grand Prize is yet, but it's definitely going to be worth playing for.

So watch for the playoff participant list on Wednesday.  If you're in, you'll need to predict Friday's game.  And thank you to everyone who has played in the Jersey Contest this year!

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