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Breaking: Martell Webster Expected Out for Regular Season

The word on Martell has come down from the team via text...

Martell Webster has been cleared to begin low-impact activities (bike and pool) after x-rays reveal improvement in the stress fracture in his left foot.

Webster will no longer be required to wear a boot.

He is expected to be sidelined for the remainder of the regular season.

Previously, the team was estimating a one month timeline from the boot removal until Martell could resume game action.  Given that timeline and the wording of this news, it sounds like the organization has extended that estimate a bit but might still be leaving open the possibility of a playoff return.

From a risk/reward perspective, I'd hope he stays shelved regardless.  

In any case, I feel sorry for the poor bike he will be riding.  

Martell needs to fling that boot in the river with cameras rolling. Catharsis!

-- Ben (