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BSOTS Podcast

If you're looking to kill time until Casey and Dave's official podcast and the Quick Chat hit the internets, swing by SB Nation's Suns blog, Bright Side of the Sun, to check out a podcast I did last night with Phoenix Stan.  

It's roughly 30 minutes and topics include:

  • Rex's warmup music
  • Threatening Stan with the wrath of the BE Standing Army
  • Stan admitting defeat to Blazers Edge readers to avoid an internet war
  • Mocking Steve Nash's lost step
  • Defending Greg Oden's honor
  • Me talking over every one of Stan's questions because I'm not very good at podcasts
  • Excellent answers from Stan to my obscure questions about random Suns bench players
I can't say that we provide the most incisive commentary you will hear and I also can't guarantee that it's worth a half hour of your life... but check it out.

And thanks to everyone that offered podcast advice on Twitter yesterday. 

Whether you check it out or not, why don't you head over to BSOTS and send them a pregame message? I know you're only thinking about the game today anyway and I know Stan would love to hear from you.  You can hear the fear in his voice.

-- Ben (