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Greg Oden Injury Update


Welcome Google Users: For information and video on Greg Oden's likely season-ending knee injury that occurred on December 5, 2009, click here


This release just came in from the team...

Greg Oden (left knee) was evaluated today and will be sidelined an additional 7-10 days at which point he'll be re-evaluated.

Greg has missed the last 7 Blazers games.  Given this timeline, Greg will miss at least 4 more games: Wednesday's game against Indiana, Thursday's game at Denver, Saturday's game against Minnesota and next Monday's game against the Los Angeles Lakers.  

If he is out the full 10 days, he will miss next Wednesday's game against Dallas.

At that point he would have one chance to play at home -- the March 13th game against the Nets -- before the team departs on a 5 game, week-long road trip.

Buckle up.

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