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Today's Poll - March Record

The results from February are in: 7-5. Here's February's poll so you can see how you fared.

March features 16 games (10 home, 6 road). Obviously, the Blazers won last night's game so they are starting out 1-0.

With a majority of April spent on the road, nowis the time to stack up some Ws. But beware the lengthy road trip in the middle of the month, which features 2 of the month's 3 sets of back-to-backs.

The full rundown (bold home)...

Spurs, Pacers, @ Nuggets, Timberwolves, Lakers, Mavericks, Nets, @ Hawks, @ Grizzlies, @ Pacers, @ Cavs, @ Bucks, Sixers, Suns, Grizzlies, Jazz

Here's a calendar version for your reference.

Vote first. Then, in the comments, open the conversation all the way up... Can the team claim first place in the division this month? How many wins do you expect at home? 8?9? 10? Are you looking forward to drooling over Devin Harris in person? If you've got a question about the March schedule, feel free to toss it out there for everyone.

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