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Today's Poll -- Bayless Has Been Freed! But For How Long?

It took roughly 8 months since Summer League but Rex has finally done it: he's climbed Mt. Rodriguez and taken over the backup point guard spot. Sergio didn't play a minute last night and Quick wrote the following in his notes, "At the morning shootaround, McMillan decided to promote rookie Jerryd Bayless to backup point guard, ahead of three-year veteran Sergio Rodriguez. "We need some oomph, some fire, some scrappiness," McMillan said. "I want to see if (Bayless) can bring that."

As Quick acknowledged and Dwight elaborated on, Bayless didn't look so great last night. It should be noted that prisoners released from jail often have troubling adjusting to life on the outside: the lights are brighter, there are all sorts of new interactions that they're not used to and the pressure to "do good" can be overwhelming. Insert obligatory Shawshank reference that causes everyone to nod their head knowingly here.

Something not to overlook about the "being released from jail" process: parole. Specifically, violating parole during that adjustment process (jump passes? 10+ layups blocked at the rim in a single game? fouling every possession on defense?) and getting busted back to the clink. Certainly it remains a distinct possibility Jerryd's run on the outside could be short-lived.

Let's vote on it.

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