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Saturday Practice Report (sort of)

Initial word last night was that the Blazers would practice today at noon.  Minutes ago, the text rolled in: "today has been changed to a maintenance day, with no media access." 

After last night, I wouldn't want to speak to reporters today either.  And with the trip home plus a game tomorrow, a full practice seemed dubious from the start.

So, instead of a practice report here's a treat for weekend readers: KP2, Dave and I wrote brief articles about the Blazers in this month's Sports Northwest magazine, which you can read online or pick up locally. I just got my copy in the mail; Brandon Roy is the coverboy and it's pretty slick.

KP2 talks pace, Dave talks rebounding, I talk locker room dynamics.

For the record, Dave did not select the image that runs next to his column.

  • In other news: Bobcats send Adam Morrison and Shannon Brown to the Lakers for Radmanovic. 
  • Also, apropos of nothing, this is my favorite twitter find so far: NT7S's Blog, which is heavy on Ham Radio content.

-- Ben (