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Seattlites Invade!

The never-say-die-even-when-you're-dead Save Our Sonics group has teamed with the Portland Trail Blazers to create an Sonics fan night in the Rose Garden when the Thunder come to town on February 11th.

Blazerland has posted all of the details in the sidebar here.

Interesting concept, and I'm sure one the Blazers highly encourage.  I wonder how the rooting will feel for the folks from Seattle who make the trip.  I can imagine them feeling great on the way down but having really mixed feelings once the teams take the court.  For any of you coming down from Seattle I'd be interested in your post-game reflections either via comments or e-mail.

Somebody remind me to put up a "What to do on game night in Portland" post the day before for our friends from the north.

--Dave (