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Today's Poll - Free Bayless?

As you know, we joined Twitter yesterday. Dave was all, "Give me your first impressions, I'm eager to hear how it's going." 20 hours in, here's my first impression: Twitter seems to be a very interesting program which allows males, from the comfort of their computer or handheld device, to express their man-lust for Jerryd Bayless and receive kudos, in the form of @ symbols, rather than the awkward stares that normally result in public.

So, basically, it's awesome.

Pulling this a little closer to on topic, regular podcast listeners have heard Dave predict that Bayless will start to see his minutes cranked up as we continue down the stretch to the playoffs and Blake comes back.

Then, today, real homey Matt Moore of Hardwood Paroxysm wrote...

Jerryd Bayless must be freed. Now. Let him go, Portland. You're not letting him be his own. You have chained him and stuffed him down deep in the pits of that pirate ship you call a team. He doesn't belong to you. He belongs to all of us. Let him go. His explosiveness makes my jaw drop and when he gets some veteran savvy in his blood? There's going to be a warrior set loose.

The only beefs I have with that paragraph are that I've never seen a dinosaur on a pirate ship and I'm not yet completely sure Jerryd has blood in his veins.

Anyway, although it probably started gaining momentum back during that Detroit game, the Bayless love is reaching a crescendo. Someone registered the screenname "IReallyLikeJerrydBayless" and then, soon after, upgraded that to another screenname "ILoveJerrydBayless."

Whoever registers "ITwitterToLustBayless" might be the winner.

So the Blazers have a few options. Vote on how they should handle this evolving situation as of today... then get your KP and NM on in the comments.

-- Ben (