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February Jersey Contest Results

Here are the results from the February Jersey Contest.  You can see the complete scoreboard (and how you stacked up) right here.

10.       Madding                     741 points

8.         GroverinNewberg      744 points

            RoyDrexler                 744 points

7.         Darkwebs                  745 points

6.         Oldschool                   747 points

5.         ChiliConKyle              755 points

4.         Blazersand2000        761 points

3.         MavetheGreat                        762 points


And for the first time ever we’ve had a TIE at the top of the standings.


1.         BlazerBear                 780 points

            Nep_Blazers              780 points

Now, the Jersey Contest Rules clearly state that ties among the winners will be broken by the higher score in the final game.

But to tell you the truth, now that the eventuality has arisen I don't like that.  It seems cheap and I wouldn't want to be the second-place guy.  Besides, this site has been off the hook this year and has clearly become among the very best around.  The whole purpose of the Jersey Contest is to say "Thank You" to all of you who make it that way.  You deserve more than a tie-breaker.  You deserve the very best awards around.  So I am giving a jersey to BOTH players.  There's no magic Jersey Fairy paying for comes out of my pocket.  Consider this an extra thank you this month.  (And nobody tell my wife.)

I do reserve the right to revert to the official rule in future months, especially if multiple people tie for the lead.  This is a bonus month.

Also RoodiePhirnandizz is the winner of the special bonus prize, a hand-drawn caricature.  He wins by random determination among all players who scored exactly 77 during a game this month.  His 77 came during the February 22nd game against the Clippers.

Thanks to everyone who played!  Don't forget the March Jersey Contest begins on Sunday.  The form is here.

--Dave (