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Quick: Oden Likely Out Sunday

I led with the good news this morning about the Yahoo title and now here's the bad news... Jason Quick is reporting that Greg Oden is likely out for Sunday's game against the Spurs. 

Oden ran during the team's light workout on Thursday in Minneapolis, and coach Nate McMillan said he did not like what he saw.

"It didn't look good to me,'' McMillan said at the team's shootaround Friday. "I just ... it didn't look good to me. It didn't look like he had his natural stride. Looking at that, I don't see him being ready for Sunday after what I saw yesterday.''

Update: Here's Oden's take.

 Im freaking tired of rehab even though i know i need i just want to be out there and not have to worry about anything i have went through this for too long. Im gonna have to suck it up quick cause the end of the reagular season is coming to a end quick.     

We just went through an Odenplosion in the comments yesterday so let's try to stay civil today?  

But I suppose the second-guessing will begin now.  A few questions: Why did he go on the trip? Who makes the final call on that decision? Why was the impression given that he wasn't working hard enough to get back? If he can't run naturally, should he be running at all?  Maybe you've got questions of your own.

And if you want some really depressing news, go see the Final Edition video posted on the Rocky Mountain News' homepage. It's 14 minutes long but worth every second.  If you work at the Oregonian and you saw the video, please email me your comments. Thank you. 

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