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Bill Simmons Goes Apocalyptic

As FryeGuy has pointed out in the sidebar, Bill Simmons has a mammoth piece at about the impending state of the league given the current economic crisis.  It's worth a read. 

The money point in my view is that the next round of bargaining regarding the CBA is going to be brutal.  Simmons speculates it'll quickly become lock-out brutal and stay there just as long as it takes for the owners to get their way.  The timing is bad for the Blazers too:  2011.  Just at the beginning of what should be the prime years for this squad.  A couple seasons off would be a serious crimp in our growth curve.

Simmons has a couple other lines in there about the RLEC and potential offers.  Plus he offers this gem:

Portland seems content to be just a Promising Young Team With a Huge Internet Following for the next 12 years.

OK, Bill...hi!  :::waving:::  You got us to link you with that one.  E-mail us sometime and we'll let you know how we do it...our part of it at least.  (Hint:  It has mostly to do with Ben's astonishing good looks and with a new cologne I've invented.)

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