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Update- Oden Out Tomorrow; Earlier- Quick: Oden is Doubtful

Jason Quick on his live chat with Sean Meagher had the following update on Greg Oden.

Nate is frustrated, bordering on irritated, when it comes to talking about Greg's situation. You can read into that whatever you want. I think Nate is frustrated at the ever-changing diagnosis. He's frustrated that Greg isn't out there. They need him. They are a better team when they have both centers playing.  

I can't get a read on whether Greg has been cleared to play and it's his decision or if it's the team's decision that's holding him back. It isn't a real clear voice coming out on that.  It's really grey, I don't know what to tell you.  It's not like his knee is a balloon or anything. They discovered a small chip or crack in his kneecap. I think there are probably some people that believe he can be on the court.

I would say it's doubtful he plays tomorrow.

Quick said that he's stuck in Denver for weather reasons and isn't able to attend the team's practice in Minnesota today. He said the team would have a maintenance day rather than a full practice so at most Greg would get out there and run a little bit. 

This post will be updated as soon as any additional word from Quick or the team is made available.

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UPDATE (2:52pm): From the team: Greg Oden is listed as out for Friday's game at Minnesota. Oden worked out with the team today and did some light running.