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Blazers Edge Night Reminder


Get ready to pour out into the streets.  One week from today, Blazers Edge Night is going down at the Agency!  The evening starts at 6PM as we watch the Blazers play at the Denver Nuggets in a big division game with playoff implications.  

For the full scoop, check out this page.  

Or, if you like, join the Blazers Edge Facebook group and we'll send you a reminder next week. 

Dave says you'll be able to meet the entire podcast crew.  It seems almost illegal that anyone would let Dave, Casey and Gavin in the same place at the same time.  Who knows what might happen?  

Come one, come all.  We'll see you there.

-- Ben (

PS Vote for B Roy and LMA over LeBron here.  Tonight is the deadline. Currently they are leading but the margin is very slim. Let's bring this title home.