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Today's Poll - How Good is Tony Parker?

Dave set the table for today's poll question when he wrote this about the Spurs this morning...

They played Dallas last night and sat Tim Duncan because of tenderness in the knee. They're already without Manu Ginobili. Tony Parker scored 37 and dished 12 assists and they plastered the Mavericks 93-76. That's naughty. But that's the way the Spurs are rolling.

On the season, Parker averages 20.3, 2.9 and 6.6 with almost a steal a game and he's led the Spurs to a ridiculous 38-17 record, taking care of business at home (19-7) and on the road (19-10). The Spurs are a near-lock for a top 2 seed in the west and are, as always, the most under-discussed championship contender.

Looking over my latest blogger MVP ballot, I think my biggest snub was Parker. And it wasn't just me: he didn't place in the top 10 and wasn't even included in the "others receiving votes" category. Sure, he is doomed to being judged primarily in relation to Duncan's shadow (rightly or wrongly) but he's the best point guard on the top 4 teams and he's having a solid season.

What do you think: how does Mr. Longoria rate? Vote and debate.

-- Ben (