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Today's Poll - Changing Uniforms

First things first: Help the Blazers beat LeBron in this poll. Vote here.

Here's Henry Abbott's take on Paul Allen's finances, including word of an amazing Vince Carter offer the Blazers are said to have turned down.

Henry cites this Chad Ford piece, which had the following to say about the players most likely to change uniform this offseason...

4. Steve Blake and Travis Outlaw, Blazers
Blake and Outlaw are in a similar position to Stackhouse. Together they are slated to make $7.6 million next season. However, their salaries are not guaranteed for the season. That means a team could trade for Blake and Outlaw and, if it were to waive them, cut $7.6 million from its payroll. Both players have big roles on the Blazers, but Kevin Pritchard could be inclined to trade them if the package was sweet enough.

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