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Quick: "Webster Likely Done For Season"

Jason Quick reports what many were worried about: Martell Webster will likely not return to action until this year's playoffs at the earliest. 

Trail Blazers forward Martell Webster will likely miss the rest of the regular season recovering from a left foot injury, according to the team's athletic trainer.

"If he has a shot at playing, it will be the playoffs,'' said Jay Jensen, the team's athletic trainer. "We'll have to see how he does. But considering where we are in the season, and his past history with the foot, I think it would be a fair statement to say it's unlikely he will play in the regular season.''

JQ has some nice details regarding Webster's rehab that are definitely worth a read. 

I still think they should cut him loose until September.  

Good job Furious Styles and Bakasama who had this first.

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