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Today's Poll -- February Record

The results from January are in: 9-5. Here's January's poll so you can see if you guessed right. Given Blake's absence and the quality of competition, 9-5 is solid. I think Nate will take 9-5 even though the team probably left one or two wins on the table.

February only features 12 games thanks to All Star Weekend: 5 at home, 7 on the road. The full rundown (bold home)...

at Hornets, at Mavericks, at "Thunder", Knicks, "Thunder", at Warriors, Grizzlies, Hawks, Clippers, at Rockets, at Spurs, at Timberwolves.

Here's a calendar version for your reference.

Vote first. Then, in the comments, open the conversation all the way up... Can the team go undefeated at home? Are we headed for road woes? Are you excited for Kevin Durant's first trip to Portland this year? Darius Miles' return? If you've got a question about our January schedule, feel free to toss it out there for everyone.

-- Ben (

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