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Odds and Ends

Apropos of nothing...


Here's a plug for Back Fence PDX, which is going down tonight @ 7PM. Super cool event. One of my buddies is reading at it although I won't say which one because he's a nervous nelly.

Want free tickets to Back Fence PDX?  Email me the name of my NBA bromance along with your first and last name.  First four emailers get 2 free tickets each. 

You should check out the latest must-read from Jason Quick about Larry Miller. 

On his desk, below the folded copy of the Business Journal and beside the white three-ringed binder that reads "Salary/Minute analysis of Past NBA Finalists," is a piece of white paper with black writing.

The first sentence, typed in bold, asks, "What led to the e-mail?"

The sheet serves as the organization's talking points, a tool to help steer Miller through the countless interviews regarding the controversial e-mail.

Speaking of that Sports Business Journal, you should definitely read this article.  More on that in the next few days.

Also wanted to say thank you to all of you who are in epic meltdown mode right now. I'm pretty sure we set a daily traffic record yesterday.  So keep checking back every 3 minutes.  

The whispers are starting to intensify.

And, yes, finally, tonight is Darius Miles's return to the Rose Garden.   A month ago, if you told me that this would be nearly a non-story I would have called you a liar.  And yet that's where we are.

Update: Courtesy of the Kings Twitter feed, Bobby Brown and John Salmons will not be playing in tonight's Kings vs. Hawks game.  Fire up the trade machine quick!

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