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Emergency Trade Discussion

No, we're not making an emergency trade.  Nor do we need to.  Rather, as occasionally happens, I have a day-job emergency ongoing that is going to prevent me from posting tonight.  My apologies.

In lieu of the normal post, let's have it out once and for all regarding trades.  We're a couple days away from the deadline so this will be your last big push to argue for your favorite move (or for no move at all) before we all have to just sit back and see what happens.

Here's the question:  We can make ONE move.  Pick your best one.  There can be multiple teams and multiple players from each team involved in that move, but basically we're not looking for six different trades to reshape the roster.  We want to know what guy you most want to acquire with that move, what you propose to give up to make it happen, how it would happen (straight up, multiple players, multiple teams?), and how likely you think your scenario is in real life.  Give us a percentage on that last part.  10% likely?  90% likely?  Why?

The guy you want needs to be somebody who is available, either by rumors, reports, or common sense.  Please no LeBron moves.  Just pick your favorite "If I Were KP" scenario and explain it.  Vote on other people's too, but please refrain from attacking them or saying, "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard."   The point is discussion, even out of the box discussion.

BECAUSE THIS IS THE MAIN PAGE TOPIC TODAY THERE SHOULD BE NO SPECULATIVE TRADE PROPOSALS IN THE SIDEBAR.  Of course if actual trade news breaks you can post it there, but I will erase any speculative trade posts I see today outside of the comment section of this post.  Don't care who you are.  Don't care how good or revolutionary or special your idea is.  Post it here or not at all.  Bforsythe's discussions on J.C. Butler in the Fanposts and Amare in the Fanshots are the last legal trade proposal posts for 24 hours.

--Dave (