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Blazersedge Night--March 5th

Here's the scoop on the next Blazersedge Night, scheduled for March 5th.

Where:  The Agency, across from PGE Park.  Check it out here.

When:  6:00 p.m. and onwards, March 5th, 2009

Who:  Any Blazersedge folks who want to come and hang.

What:  We play the Denver Nuggets in Denver on March 5th.  This is bound to be a huge game.  You know you're going to watch it.  Why not watch it with your BE friends?  Dave will be there, Ben too, and we might have some other media folks and special activities as well.  The game itself starts at 7:30 but you can come at 6:00 or anytime after for food and conversation.  Huge screens, good conversation, and a ton of rooting for Portland to kick Denver's collective butts.

Why:  Because it's fun!  Duh!

--Dave (