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Tonight is the Night for Rudy

First stop on the Rudy All Star express:  

Must watch: Casey interviewing Rudy about the dunk contest.  

Must see: the photo slideshow from yesterday's events.

Second stop: Geoffrey C. Arnold's dunk contest preview.

Fernandez is not a particularly gifted jumper by NBA standards. In fact, he's probably better at three-point shooting, another All-Star event tonight. But the Trail Blazers guard is known for his creative flair, and he'll be the first international player to participate in the dunk contest.

Last stop: Rudy's latest blog entry.  An English translation is posted over at  Here's a hilarious snippet.

As you might understand I'm not going to give away what dunks I've got planned, it's got to be a complete surprise. The other day for example I was practicing for the contest at the Trail Blazer practice facility and I saw some guy video taping me. I asked him to put the camera away, which he did, but he put what he'd already recorded on Youtube.

I've never been prouder to be "some guy" than I am today.

Also, ESPN has pulled together some of the best slam dunk moments of all time.

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