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Tuesday Practice Report


  • Blake practiced today. Is doubtful. Team won't rush his return. I think we don't seem him until Memphis (2/18) at the earliest.
  • LaMarcus injured his right hip. Is "questionable" for tomorrow according to Nate.
  • I asked Nate what adjustments, if any, the team will make to limit Kevin Durant.  His response, "He's been hot for probably the last month. One of the hottest guys in the league. When you're facing guys like that, the best defense is to not let them get the ball. Deny his touches. Get closer.  Our weakside.  We gotta be better. Things we talked about before the game [in "Oklahoma City"], we've got to do them, and do them better."
  • Greg and Channing were getting the full Bayno treatment after practice.  Nice to see some really hands-on coaching with Greg and he was absorbing both the contact and the instructions very well.  The main points of emphasis: keep the ball high, power up with the ball, set up his left hand toss shot, attack the rim to draw contact/fouls, and finish with authority.  Bayno commands instant respect.  Coach Dean also got in on some of the fundamentals instruction...
  • Greg claims Jerryd's nickname is "Turtle."  Jerryd denies this.  Jerryd calls Greg "Gregory Wayne" and "Wayne Oden."  Oden just smiles.
  •  Brandon said that he plans to limit his appearances at this year's all star game considerably.  He recalled last year's hectic schedule, with both the rookie/sophomore game and the full all star game with a smile and a shake of his head.  He said he remembered being injured, tired, and trying to catch 20 minutes of sleep in between various appearances.  He says he's in much better shape physically and injury-wise this year than last year, however he said it's that time of year when "your body tells you that you need a few days off." 
  • Greg was sporting a black version of his kicks I haven't seen before.


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