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January Jersey Contest Results

The January Jersey Contest is over!  Here are your top 10:

  • 10.  BlazerandBeaverBeliever  804 Points
  • 9.  Fatwansaboni  805 Points
  • 8.  FromAfar  807 Points
  • 7.  Jerb  809 Points
  • 6.  Gargen  813 Points
  • 5.  DirtyFernandez  819 Points
  • 3.  HeffBlazer and Lakitao  823 Points
  • 2.  the-arkitect  825 Points

And the winner of your January Jersey is...

Tweener with 835 Points!

Lakitao had a good month because in addition to finishing third he won the drawing from among all of those who scored 77 points in a game and thus gets a hand-drawn caricature of a Blazer player.

Congratulations to our winners.  The February Jersey Contest is underway right now!

--Dave (

Edit:  For those who wish to see the complete January results, click here.