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A Blazersedge Christmas Gift

Merry Christmas to all...or Happy Holidays if you prefer...or have a nice Friday if you must.  In any case, 'tis the season of peace, fellowship, and well-wishes.  I think the day should reflect that sentiment at the site.  So here's what I'm asking.  For one day, one game, let's just be fans together.  Let's have a game where, win or lose, nobody dumps on the coaching staff.  Let's have a game where nobody picks a certain player to exalt and another to down.  If Jerryd Bayless has a bad game it's because that happens in the NBA, it's not because he was submarined by somebody on his own team.  If Jerryd Bayless has a great game nobody throws it in anybody else's face.  Everybody in that uniform and on the sideline is a Blazer for one day.  Everybody in the stands and on the site is a Blazer fan first and foremost for one day.  Animosity, territorialism, vindication, anger, and general ugliness are all laid aside for one day.

This is not to say that the negative is absent.  If the Blazers are blowing screen plays or missing shots obviously we have to talk about that.  But for one day how about we talk about it without laying blame or getting out of our tree upset.  Let's just enjoy the game and the chance to watch it and let that other stuff take a holiday.  There will be plenty of chances to get riled up later.  For today...Go Blazers!

--Dave (

P.S.  If it helps, remember this:  Even with all of the injuries, all of the roller-coaster hopes, all of the mistakes, and all of the angst that the learning process brings we've been privileged to witness some amazing things this year.  Greg Oden had some amazing outings.  We take for granted how amazing Roy is when he pulls out those games.  Jerryd and LaMarcus were amazing in San Antonio.  That whole road trip was beyond description.  We have a future.  And we have a present.  And we're playing a division rival in a tough, important game which is more than a lot of teams in the NBA can claim in late December.  And dang...we have the freedom, the time, and the resources to invest so much in a basketball team.  Celebrate what's going on around us and the opportunities we get and let's make this day about that.

P.P.S.  If you're going to the game, a suggestion from Skywaker9 in the comments below.  The team deserves a standing ovation during warmups as well as the introductions.