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Brandon Roy Update: Shoulder Strain Confirmed, Questionable Tomorrow

The Blazers just sent over the following update on the health of Brandon Roy, who injured his shoulder in the fourth quarter Tuesday night against the Dallas Mavericks.

MRI confirms Brandon Roy has a left shoulder muscle strain and is listed as questionable for Christmas Day against Denver.

Roy sat out last night's game against the San Antonio Spurs.  He was dressed on the bench but was listed as out for the game prior to tip.

Update (3:06PM)

Here's some general information on shoulder strains from

Treatment of Shoulder Strain

The good news is that many people respond well to conservative treatment. Many problems can be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy, heat or cold therapy, and other conservative approaches.

In most instances, non-surgical treatment is the first approach, and many people can avoid surgery altogether. Persistent pain after conservative treatment may respond to corticosteroid injections but may eventually require surgery.

The Johns Hopkins University has some general information on recovering from shoulder muscle strains...

Recovery depends on many factors, such as the muscle involved and the severity of the injury. Milder strains will recover quicker than severe ones. Typically, it takes about two weeks to return to normal activity after a mild strain, and can take up to two months or longer to recover after a severe strain.    

Obviously those timelines are established for normal humans and not superheroes professional athletes. Adjust accordingly.

-- Ben Golliver | | Twitter