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The Dontonio Wingcast Episode 017

Basketball Prospectus's Kevin Pelton and I are back with a pre-Christmas edition of The Dontonio Wingcast.  In this 48 minute episode episode taped this morning...

  • We graciously accept our runner-up nomination from Basketball Fiend for best NBA podcast.
  • Pick up the pieces from the Joel Przybilla knee injury.
  • Kevin analyzes the potential line-up combinations and finds small ball is better than Juwan Howard. We look at other possible adjustments Nate McMillan might make.
  • We discuss whether, how and why the Blazers might undertake a review of medical practices in light of the last 9 months of injuries.  Is chalking up this run of injuries to bad luck enough, or should ownership, management and the fans ask for more?
  • We slobber all over Sam Presti's recent trade for Eric Maynor and its implications, before closing with some holiday wishes and our Christmas plans.

You can subscribe to our iTunes feed or stream/download the mp3 here: Download The Dontonio Wingcast 017. The mp3 is 44 megabytes.

Note: Sorry for the low volume on last week's face-to-face episode. That was an experiment that didn't work out. This week, we're back with the phone version so the volume should be alright.  Apologies in advance for any distortion in this week's episode. KP2 was broadcasting from his home underneath a tunnel again; the good news is, the distortion goes away pretty quickly as the episode goes on.  

Our New Year's resolution here at the Wingcast is to step up our audio quality game.  As far as empty promises go, that is one of the emptier ones you'll ever find... but, seriously, we're on it.  The Wingcast will be back and better than ever in 2010.

-- Ben Golliver | ( | Twitter