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We Did It

Congratulations, Blazersedge.  I talked to the people at the Blazers ticket office today and they informed me that as of Wednesday, December 9th we had sold more than the 400 tickets we had allotted for kids to attend Blazersedge Night on January 25th at the Rose Garden.  When we set the goal it seemed daunting to the extreme.  I know large corporations sponsor charity events with the Blazers but the idea that a grassroots website could do it on this scale seemed far-fetched.  But we did, thanks to you.  Because of you right after I'm done with this post I will have the happy task of writing our ticket coordinator to tell him that he can inform teachers, principals, counsleors, and youth workers that they can finally tell their kids, "Yes!"  They're going for sure.  All of them.  And more even than we asked for.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Thanks to Zersgear.comYourHomeBasedMom,,  and all of the small, grassroots websites who purchased tickets to help out.  Thank you to the small businesses and business managers and members of the armed forces and to everyone who took a collection at work or school to help.  Thank you to all of the individuals who bought one or two or five or ten tickets to keep us going.  There were no major corporate sponsors buying hundreds of seats.  It was all you guys...people helping people.

Thank you on behalf of all of the adults who will get to see their youth be kids again, even if it's just for a night.  Thank you on behalf of the parents whose kids will be able to go when they otherwise wouldn't.  Thank you for making life not just normal, but really, really good for these kids for at least a night.  Thank you most of all for letting us help out everyone who asked us.  When people remember us or ask what makes this site a great place I hope that this tops the list.  This is who we are as Blazer fans.  These are the kind of things online communities can do.  This is what it's all about.

Here's an important note:  In addition to the charity tickets we reserved a block for Blazersedge readers who wanted to attend Blazersedge Night themselves.  69 of those remain at this date, which is typical because people often wait until the last minute to buy their own tickets.  If you want to attend Blazersedge Night yourself you need to purchase your tickets by December 18th.  We believe we have found a corporate sponsor who is willing to buy up any unsold tickets in a block and donate them so that even more kids can go.  It's an ideal situation.  No tickets will be released or go to waste and the actual number of kids going will likely approach 450.  But in order to do that we need to establish that deadline.  Again...there will be NO tickets available after December 18th for this event!  You cannot purchase them in January.   If you do want to attend simply call 503-797-9637 and tell them you want tickets for Blazersedge Night for yourself.  (Not for charity!)  The date is January 25th against the Hornets. The cost is $22 per ticket and for that price you get to not only see the game but sit next to some fellow readers and hear the roar of the 400+ people we sent that night.  Join us if you wish.

Thank you again.  Well done. 

--Dave (