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Become Our Competitor (and Colleagues and Friends)

As has been mentioned a couple times in the sidebar (please do look before posting a topic to make sure it's not already been covered two posts down, by the way) Henry Abbott has announced that the Truehoop Network is looking to bolster its Blazer coverage by relaunching its current Portland blog.  He's taking offers, auditions, submissions, and worshipful entreaties.  I've heard he has a soft spot for Lindor Truffles and microbrews, so you may want to add some of those to whatever material you submit just to keep the process rolling.

For those who have asked, SBN and ESPN are separate companies, much like Microsoft and Apple.  Both are wonderful entities.  Both would be a pleasure to work for.  I'd be flattered to be considered for the Truehoop Network, especially since Henry is a good friend and someone I respect beyond compare.  But at the end of the day we're happy with SBN, we love our home here, and the idea of packing up the attic, moving, and starting anew isn't something we'd consider.

But that doesn't mean some of you shouldn't jump at the opportunity.  I've always viewed our community as a seed bed for great discussion.  Sometimes those seeds sprout into whole new plants.  If a Blazersedge reader or two were part of the next Blazer blogging team at the Truehoop Network both Ben and I would heartily applaud.  Some of you are knowledgable and qualified.  If you have the passion and know there's ground yet unsown that you can cultivate yourself, you should talk to Henry.  He and Kevin Arnovitz are two of the most amazing people you'll ever meet and they'd be a joy to work for.

If you're wondering why in the world we're trumpeting the search for people who theoretically would become our competitors, it's not so strange.  First and foremost we love Henry and Truehoop and owe both a debt of gratitude.  Second, I've always said this medium resembles movies more than restaurants.  If you eat at a restaurant you're going to be full.  You're not going to go eat at another soon.  When you do go again you're likely to frequent the same one, at least when you want that kind of cuisine again.  Movies are different.  When you see a good one it makes you want to see more.  You don't care what the studio is, you just want a good product.  The more good movies there are the more you're going to be encouraged to see.

Most sports franchises, used to competing with other forms of entertainment for your finite supply of disposable dollars, have viewed the online market on the restaurant model.  And they've missed plenty of opportunities in doing so.   We're different.  We want to see good movies too and read good stuff about the Blazers.  We know that any good source of information and analysis about  the team is going to pique people's interest and make them want more.  It's additive more than competitive and we're not even near the limit of good coverage out there before people's eyeballs get tired.

So take a chance, talk to Henry, and see what comes of it.  We'll be looking forward to talking to all of, there, and everywhere.

--Dave (

P.S.  I've got a half-dozen e-mails this morning asking for advice and such.  It's THANKSGIVING people!  You should be cooking turkeys, not worrying about blogging!  If I get a chance I'll try to get something up over the weekend in the vein of general things to consider.  Even people who aren't interested in starting their own site might find the inside look at the blogging process at Blazersedge interesting.  For specifics, though, the best guy to talk to is Henry.