Rogoway: A Look at the Future of the Blazers

Mike Rogoway of The Oregonian does an excellent job writing about a very difficult subject to get people to talk about: the post-Paul Allen Portland Trail Blazers. It's the must-read Blazers piece of the week. It raises possible reasons why Vulcan, Inc. might sell the Blazers should Paul Allen pass away and also looks at his sister Jody's role within Vulcan... ----------------- For those who have dealt extensively with Allen's sister, the fact that the team is losing much less money than in the past matters less than the fact that it continues to bleed red ink. "There is a constant sort of drumbeat from Jody and the people who work for Jody to cut the losses," said one former team executive, who requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject. "They're doing their job, trying to look at the portfolio as a business. I can't fault them for that." "Paul's ownership of the franchise has always been a struggle between his emotion for the team and the sport and the business reality," the executive said. ----------------- -- Ben Golliver | ( | Twitter