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Game 15 Preview: Timberwolves vs. Blazers

Clearly this is the low point of the Blazers' season so far.  Losing to Golden State in Oakland isn't the end of the world.  If it were the world would have ended multiple times before now.  But losing to Golden State when they have a depleted roster, field no live bodies above 6'6", are guarding you with the same two backcourt players all game, and when you jumped of the gate with 37 in the first quarter and then barely scored half of that in any quarter thereafter...that's bad.  Choking up 23 turnovers for 32 points and allowing the Warriors 36 fast break points when that's exactly what they depend on to get past you, that's worse.  Seriously, you might as well take a bath in Spam and then run through the Doberman Reform School.

The main message for tonight is not to let one bad loss turn into two.  You're at home and you're playing a team that's 1-11.  You've already beat them twice in the last two weeks so you know how to do it.  Losing this game would be worse than everything that happened last night combined.  You better go in angry, refocused, and taking no prisoners.

Having seen the 'Wolves so often in the recent future (they're like the salesmen in Secondhand Lions with the Blazers playing Michael Caine and Robert Duvall) you don't need a new preview.  In case you missed it the original one is here.  Just don't let Al Jefferson score 30 and you'll be OK.  Well, maybe you shouldn't settle for jumpers against their defense.  And you'd better not turn the ball over like you did last night.   And by the way, it would be easier for Greg Oden to do his thing inside if somebody could hit a three-point shot.  I know Rudy has been but the two of them aren't always in the game together.  Steve?  This is about half of your job description.  It wouldn't hurt for Brandon to sink a couple too.  I don't even know where Martell is.

Despite all of that, just about the only thing that can lose you this game is a craptacular effort.  We better not see that tonight.  That's it.

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