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Site News: Updated Look and Conversation

A couple of housekeeping notes:

1.  SBN will update the looks of its sites tomorrow as part of ongoing renovation to improve overall design.  You'll be happy to know this is part of a wider project that also aims to improve load times and interface functionality.  We'll all get to see what Blazersedge looks like tomorrow.  We hope you like the facelift.

2.  Some of the conversation lately has been disturbing to me personally and I'd like to see a little tune up among us. 

We're all here to talk about the Blazers.  We're not here to talk about ourselves.  We're not here to talk about each other.  Were here to talk...about...the...Blazers.  Obviously part of the interest is how our personalities and views come out through our comments but those personalities and views should not be the focus of said comments.  In other words, if the person you're talking about doesn't suit up in a scarlet and black uniform on game nights and either get played by or ignored by Nate McMillan think twice about making a comment about them.  As we often say, talk about points--points about the team--not about the people who make them.

Even if you think someone has generated inaccurate analysis about the team your comment about them as people is worse.  You want to refute their point?  Be my guest.  But leave your assessment of them out of it. may be hard hearing people complaining about the team (though it may also be justified) but trust me, it's worse hearing people complain about people who are complaining about the team.  There's no point to it.

This is also true if the person you're talking about is yourself.  We all understand getting worked up about certain things, but if you TYPE IN ALL CAPS!!!!!! or you lace your comment with near-profanities left and right or you just flat-out unload on people without much thought then the comment or post is more about you than the subject.  Your over-dramatization becomes something we have to wade through in order to get to the real point.  When that's repeated a couple dozen times a day by different people it gets tiring.  Don't worry so much about telling us how worked up you are.  Just make your point and let people talk.

Lastly, use some common sense when you post.  In addition to the obvious no-no's about racist language and such, please don't use language degrading to women, people of various sexual orientations, people with physical or mental disabilities, or stuff you're generally not going to say when face-to-face with polite company in public.  Have a little sensitivity and realize your post isn't added to one bit by any of that stuff.

Consider Blazersedge like your local beach.  It's a popular spot, which puts more responsibility on each of us to keep it livable.  Even if every person only drops a little trash--or even if only 20% of the people visiting actually litter--that still makes an eyesore for everybody else.  This place is built on people's sense of community responsibility.  Make sure you keep that in mind when you post.

--Dave (