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The Blazersedge Jersey Contest Begins!

As promised the Blazersedge Jersey Contest begins with Tuesday's game against the Atlanta Hawks.

For those new to the game, here's how it works:

1.  Click on (and BOOKMARK!) this link.

2.  Fill out the form.  You must submit a username and e-mail address.  NOTE:  This name and address must stay consistent throughout the contest in order for your points to be accumulated accurately.  If you do not get credit on your account because you did not use the exact same username and address we cannot help you.

3.  Click "Submit Answers" and then wait for the game.  After the game we'll give you a scoreboard link where your monthly score will be totaled.

And that's it!  The person with the highest cumulative total in each month will receive a Blazers replica jersey of their choice.  Scores reset after each month so everyone has a chance anew.  Monthly winners and those who do consistently well will participate in the end-of-the-year playoffs where bigger prizes can be won.

You can change your predictions until gametime by submitting a new entry under the same name and address.  Your new entry will overwrite the old one.  However we allow only one user per household to participate.  If you submit multiple entries under different names for a single game all of them will be thrown out.

Enjoy the contest!

For those wanting to know how points are scored, click through the jump.

--Dave (


There are 100 possible points for each game.

You get 30 points simply by getting the winner correctly.

  • You get up to 30 points by being close on the score predictions. 
  • Getting the score perfect for both teams would earn you the full 30. 
  • You lose 1 point for each point you are off on each team's score, high or low.  So if you missed Team A's score by 3 and Team B's by 5 you'd lose 8 points.  30-8=22, so you'd receive 22 out of the possible 30.  If you got Team A's score perfect but missed team B by 31 you'd lose 31 points and thus get 0 for this portion. 
  • You cannot go into the negative with score predictions.  You can only lose the 30 points it's possible to earn.

You also get up to 10 points for each bonus question you answer correctly.

  • Some bonus questions have a pull-down menu.  You either make the correct selection and get the full 10 points or the incorrect one and get 0.
  • Some bonus questions ask you to manually enter a number.  These are scored similarly to the score predictions above.  A perfect guess gets you all 10 points possible.  Each point you're off high or low costs you one of those points, up to a maximum of 10 (at which point you'd receive 0 points for the question).  It's not possible to go into the negative by missing the number by more than 10.
  • Note that some questions will deal with numbers but use a pull-down menu.  This is common, for instance, when asking how many players will achieve a certain goal or when the range of possible answers is less than 10 (like how many fouls Greg Oden will pick up).  These are scored as all-or-nothing questions even though they deal with numbers.  You either make the right guess or not, earning 10 points or 0.   There's no gradation for getting close as there is when you manually input a number.

30 points for getting the winner +

Up to 30 points for getting the scores right +

Up to 40 points for bonus questions =

100 points possible per game

You can find slightly more detailed rules in this sidebar link.

Remember what I said about using the same username and e-mail address EVERY SINGLE TIME you enter.  If you don't what it will look like is you having 400 points accumulated under one address and 53 more under the slightly-mistaken account name you entered for that one game when you weren't paying close enough attention.  We cannot add the 53 to your 400 so you will lose out.