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Gameday Open Thread: Blazers vs. Hornets--Pre-Game and First Half Edition

This is the thread in which you can discuss, cheer over, and/or lament tonight's game.  For which team will Friday the 13th be in effect?  Let's hope none of the young Blazers smoked, drank, engaged in pre-marital shenanigans, or ran and hid in an outhouse or generator shack today.  Also...stay out of the lake.

Thank you to everyone who's been upping the quality level of these over the past few games.  Your efforts are appreciated.  Follow their lead and keep it respectful and on-topic.  Debate, but debate as friends and fellow-fans.  Also please no pictures or anything that would slow down the thread loading.  If you do experience lag, head to the upper-left sidebar on the main page, click on "Edit Settings" and click on "No" for automatic refreshing.  You'll have to refresh manually but it'll only reload when you tell it to (which speeds up the conversation).

--Dave (