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Blazersedge Night Update (with Special Acknowledgements!)

We have reached an important milestone with Blazersedge Night.  We now have fewer than 100 tickets left to purchase from the original batch of 400 we are trying to donate to kids who otherwise wouldn't get to see a game.  Together we're really going to do this and I can't wait for the day I can announce to you that we have sold out!  But we need that final push to make it happen.

For those who haven't heard, those 400 tickets are going to be distributed throughout the greater Portland area to teachers and principals and social workers and all kinds of people who work with young folks.  They'll go straight to kids--some small groups, some in pairs or threes, some in entire classes--who simply cannot attend a game because of their economic situation.  This is the third year we've done this but never on this large of a scale.  But the stories we get from the kids and the adults who work with them--stories of eyes open wide in awe, formerly reticent students chatting like magpies, kids who were tuned out suddenly interested in everything--made us decide to go big this time.  300 kids are already going.  100 more are waiting.

We need your help to send that last 100.  I really believe that this is how we define ourselves as a community and as Blazer fans.  We may differ on point guard preferences or post entry schemes but at the end of the day we all band together so the next generation can have the same chance to have those discussions that we've been given.  Please consider being a part of this.  Here's how:

The game is January 25th versus the New Orleans Hornets.  Tickets are $22 each. 

  • You can call the Blazers directly at 503-797-9637.  When you do so please be clear that you are ordering for Blazersedge Night and that you're donating the tickets, otherwise they'll mail them to you instead of getting them to the kids.  Also be aware that there's a $5 service charge per order (not per ticket) this way.
  • If you'd rather, you can donate money via PayPal.  The address is  This is great if you want to donate odd amounts (like $10 or $50).
  • If you want to send a check you can contact me at and I'll give you the mailing address for Blazersedge.

You can also purchase tickets for yourself, friends, or family for you to attend that night.  If you're going to do so, please order your tickets by December 1st.  After that point we're going to free up unsold tickets for charity and see if we can sell out that way.  Please be clear when you order whether the tickets are for you or the kids.

I'd also like to acknowledge a couple folks who have purchased blocks of tickets.

The good gentlemen of were so kind as to help out.  They have tees and hoodies and all the 'Zers material you could want.  Please check out their site and let them know what you think.

Leigh is both the author of YourHomeBasedMom and a rabid Blazer fan.  She's doing a series of Blazer-related dishes for your game-day party.  Check out this insanely good Buffalo Chicken Dip!  I don't know what kind of genetic voodoo she had to do in order to get the buffalo and the chicken together, but it works!  She also has some pics of her boys there and apparently they're huge Blazersedge fans as well.  Hey guys...your mom rocks.  If you get to go to Blazersedge night I'd love to meet you and when we do our next batch of t-shirts yours are on me!

If you want to donate a block of tickets and would like a mention contact me and we'll talk.

--Dave (