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Preseason Gameday Open Thread -- Kings

Tom Ziller sneaks little things like this into the very bottom of his posts...

No television anywhere, thus no illicit internet fjords anywhere. It will be on the radio: KHTK 1140 AM in the Sacramento area. Also, it will be live at ARCO Arena. Tickets are still available. Lots of tickets. Very available. The tip-off is slated for 7PM Pacific.

... which are just too funny not to make the top of a post over here.

Tonight's second preseason game against the Sacramento Kings will start at 7PM. I think 95.5FM is once again your only option. Will I parse a box score later tonight after listening to a game on the radio, pretending to be insightful? No, I won't.  

But I will do my best to to round up the various stories that come out of tonight's game and assemble them in one place tomorrow morning. Deal?

I just realized that my television options tonight include a Real World/Road Rules: The Ruins AFTERSHOW and not a Blazers game.  

The NBA: Where "doing the best we can" happens.

-- Ben (