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Vote on the Blazers Starting Five

The Blazers play the back half of a home-and-home with the Sacramento Kings tonight in Sacramento. With no television coverage, we'll struggle to pull something together for you tonight.

In the meantime, let's vote on starting lineups. Roy and Aldridge are obviously penciled in, leaving 3 open matchups: Miller vs. Blake, Batum vs. Webster and Przybilla vs. Oden. From everything I've gathered, Outlaw is not in serious consideration for a starting spot.

I've laid out the 8 possible starting arrangements taking into account the 3 positional battles. Choose your favorite and defend your choice in the comments.

For this discussion, any thoughts along the lines of, "it's too early" and "It's not important who starts, it's who finishes," are off-limits. This post is not for waffling or theory. Rather, this discussion is to get a feel for everyone's thoughts on how things are shaping up.


-- Ben (