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Online Streaming Redux

Blazersedge reader Justin was one of the potential beneficiaries of the Blazers' new online stream for games.  After the game was done he wrote in with this report regarding its pros and cons.

I paid the $3.99 for the online stream (pimped by Mike Barrett during the game too).  I fit into a niche market tonight (local resident with FIOS that hates all tv outside of Blazers so no digital converter box).  I was pretty worried the stream would have problems, given Murphy's Law of Online Streaming:  More people will probably come than you have predicted.

Some lowlights of the stream:

- Game says "channel not streaming at this time" for many users until about 7:30 left in the first quarter.  This might be somewhat bearable in mid-season but this is OPENING NIGHT TIPOFF! 

- I am a tinkerer by nature and spent some time experimenting with different browsers - bad idea:  Through 3rd and into 4th quarter if you were disconnected, you would come back without sound.

 - Periodic lag/video clipping throughout the game on high speed.  Personally I never had the low speed option display video or sound with three different browsers.

Wondering if I just had a crappy computer?  I don't, but I tried to contact tech support anyway.  "Click for Live Support!"

Just don't plan to live to see it.

Waited for 30 minutes several different times.  As tipoff was occuring the estimated wait time given to me was 73 minutes.  Don't think I'm the only one with a problem here...

Seriously, 73 minutes?  Pryzbilla was on the bench with 6 fouls by then I believe.

Obviously Justin's experience was less than ideal.  Just as obviously people who have non-ideal experiences are more likely to write in than people who have ideal ones.  Still it's apparent that there are yet hitches in the system.  We're not trying to beat a dead horse here but I believe people are curious about how the roll-out went and how viable the service is at this point, considering you are paying for it. 

If you have personal experience share it below.  And be sure and see this post for links to many professional views.

--Dave (