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Gameday Open Thread #1: Rockets vs. Blazers

Let the games begin!  Another quick refresher on how these Gameday Threads work:

  • Feel free to chat here about the game.  Please keep your topics game-related as much as possible.
  • No swearing or disguised swearing even if the refs suck and the opponent hits a miracle buzzer-beater.
  • No pictures or anything else that would slow down the thread!
  • A new thread will open up at 7:00 and approximately every half hour thereafter, up to and including a post-game reaction thread.  Migrate along with the opening threads.
  • If your reponse time becomes sluggish, try turning off auto-refreshing comments.  Go to "Edit Settings" in the top, left-hand section of your front page and then switch "Live update comment threads..." to "No".   You'll have to hit refresh manually to see updated comments.

Enjoy the conversation!