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What to Expect on Blazersedge

For those who might be new to the site, either today or over the summer, here's a look at what you can expect to see during the season.

Naturally we'll continue to bring you the best and most incisive coverage and analysis of all Blazer news and events.  We are in the press box and locker room every home game.  We cover all the bases.  We'll link you up to everyone else who's breaking news as well so you're never more than a few minutes away from the latest.

In addition each Game Day you will find a preview of the upcoming contest, open threads for your discussion pleasure during the game, and comprehensive analysis once the game is matter how late we have to stay up to bring it.  You'll get Ben's on-site report from each home game and my game recap and analytical synopsis for every single game the Blazers play.  The very first preview of the season is right below this post.

Beginning in November you'll get to participate in our Jersey Contest.  We give away a Blazers jersey each month of the season and finish the year with a Grand Prize playoff.  Last year the Grand Prize was Rudy Fernandez' game-worn jersey.  This year we'll have something nice as well.  People have tons of fun predicting games and scoring points along with the Blazers.  And you read that right...there's a winner every month.

To top it all off you'll find the best discussion anywhere in our sidebar and comment section.  And speaking of...though the long pre-season has made everyone antsy and we've let some stuff go, keep in mind that each of us is responsible for keeping conversational standards high.  This is sometimes difficult when a new influx of people comes in, as happens at the beginning of seasons.  But we encourage and expect the best of everyone.  This includes:

  • No swearing or disguised swearing
  • Absolutely NO ad hominem attacks, name calling, or aspersion casting
  • Staying on-topic
  • Keeping the site family-appropriate
  • Encouraging analysis and critical thought from your neighbors rather than berating them for it

In short, there's a reason Blazersedge is known pretty much everywhere and it's up to you to keep our high reputation and standards intact.

Also please do not forget that this community is trying to send 400 needy kids to a Blazer game this January.  We have reserved 400 tickets and have sold around 250 of them at last count.  We need your help!  A small (or large) donation will help send a student who otherwise would never, ever be able to go to a game.  For many of these kids it's a life-changing event.  If you can help, here is the info:

Blazersedge Night:  Monday, January 25th:  Blazers vs. Hornets

Tickets sell for $22 each.  There is a $5 service charge per order no matter what the size.  Save money by buying tickets together with friends.

How to Order

You can call the Blazers directly at 503-797-9637.  Tell them you're ordering for Blazersedge Night and that you want the tickets to be donated to the kids.  (Side Note:  We also have a block of tickets reserved for BE folks who want to attend.  You can buy seats for yourself if you wish.)  The Blazers accept all of the usual forms of payment.

You can also make a PayPal donation to  We will pool the money collected and purchase tickets with it.  You can donate multiple tickets or partial amounts...anything is welcome.

You can also e-mail me directly at  if you'd prefer to send a check via snail mail.

We need to sell those last 150 tickets because we're hearing from more and more teachers and principals with kids whom they'd love to send.  Buy a ticket or two if you can.

Here's to a great season together!  Go Blazers!

--Dave (