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The Dontonio Wingcast (Season Preview Double Edition)

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To the annals of great double discs like All Eyez on Me and Life After Death, Basketball Prospectus's Kevin Pelton and I proudly submit this super duper double dip season preview edition of The Dontonio Wingcast.  

Excited that the NBA season is finally underway? We are too.  So we are dropping double the talk and double the nerdiness this week. That's right: two episodes of the Wingcast for the same free price of one.  You gotta love it.

Episodes 010 and 011 coming at you just as soon as you click through the jump.

Click through for episode descriptions and download links!

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Download Links

In Part 1 (Episode 010):

  • KP2 reveals that Blazersedge has been the major engine behind his book's phenomenal Amazon sales.
  • We break down all sides of the LaMarcus Aldridge signing: what it means for the team, Nate's reaction, Kevin Pritchard's reaction and how LMA gets to fly under the radar a little bit.
  • We look back at the battle royale for the 15th roster spot. Why Patty Mills and what does it mean for the future?
  • One last preseason look at Andre Miller vs. Steve Blake.  KP2 and I reflect on my piece about Nate McMillan and Gary Payton and discuss the future of the Blazers point guard position.

In Part 2 (Episode 011):

  • We discuss win projections for the Blazers.  Bill Simmons said 41, I said 52 and KP2 reveals his book's win projection for the Blazers and explains how his system works.
  • We do some early handicapping of the Western Conference and make Finals predictions
  • We play season preview Q and A: who is most likely to be traded? Who is the team's sixth man? Who is most likely to demand a trade? Who will be the breakout player?
  • KP2 breaks down Jay-Z's Seattle concert. 

Music selections:

Part 1
Dem Franchise Boyz -  White Tee
Tupac Shakur - Breathin
Part 2
Diplomats - I Really Mean It
Jay-Z Young Forever

You can subscribe to our iTunes feed or stream/download the mp3 here: The Dontonio Wingcast Episode 009

Part 1 mp3 is 48 minutes long and 44 megabytes.
Part 2 mp3 is 46 minutes and 43 megabytes.
Mild profanity warning is always in full effect.

-- Ben (