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They're Baaaa...ack.

The AP is reporting that NBA Officials have reached a two-year agreement with the league, meaning that the regular season will open with standard refs in place.   Rumor has it that the league captiulated on the last sticking point: who would pay the extra fee for guide dogs flying in the cargo hold.  After that it was a done deal.

In the end the fracas amounted to a little more discombobulation and frustration during the pre-season, an extended vacation for the officials, and a whole new set of blacklisted potential future refs.  Let's hope they're wise enough to avoid this in 2011.

For now, the good news is that we'll not have Morton Splurdly, Shecky Gruberman, and Joey Noname trying to decide what's a foul on Greg Oden and what's not.

The bad news is that we'll have Steve Javie, Bill Spooner, and Violet Palmer.

As we've mentioned before this is good for the Blazers, but most will probably consider it a mixed blessing approximately 26 seconds into the season.

Nevertheless, welcome back. 

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