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Brief Update on Blazersedge Night

I just wanted to let you guys know how nifty you are.  After our announcement yesterday (read it if you haven't already) we had a nice swell of support.  People from all walks of life and all places on the map (including Mallorca...shout out!  Woot-woot!)  wrote in to donate tickets for kids.  We're now over halfway to our goal of sending 400 kids with more tickets coming in.  Don't forget to help if you can.  Details are in the linked post above.

I wanted to give props to Todd Mintz who pens this eponymous site covering hoops.  Also, though he didn't ask for it a bit, I'd like to offer sincere thanks to Couper at Rip City Project.  Ben cites him regularly but I don't mention him near enough.  RCP is one of THE sources for Blazer knowledge and is run by some great guys.

Thank you to all.  Encourage your friends and neighbors to keep the tickets coming.  We also got some more e-mails from teachers and school coordinators yesterday so the need is definitely there for all of the tickets we're trying to sell.  The astonishment and gratitude comes through clearly even via e-mail.  It's pretty powerful to be able to say, "Yes, we hear you.  We appreciate your work.  We can send your students.  Tell them to get ready!"  Thank you for helping to make that happen. 

--Dave (

Ticket info:

Blazersedge Night:  Monday, January 25th:  Blazers vs. Hornets 

Tickets go to kids who otherwise could never see a game in person.

Tickets sell for $22 each.  There is a $5 service charge per order no matter what the size.  Save money by buying tickets together with friends.

How to Order

You can call the Blazers directly at 503-797-9637.  Tell them you're ordering for Blazersedge Night and that you want the tickets to be donated to the kids.  (Side Note:  We also have a block of tickets reserved for BE folks who want to attend.  You can buy seats for yourself if you wish.)  The Blazers accept all of the usual forms of payment.

You can also make a PayPal donation to  We will pool the money collected and purchase tickets with it.  You can donate multiple tickets or partial amounts...anything is welcome.

You can also e-mail me directly at  if you'd prefer to send a check via snail mail.