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Today's Poll -- Are You Still Booing Sheed?

Anybody else love it when Sean at Oregonlive does Q and As? Here's Sean Interviewing Need4Sheed and Sean Talking Blazers. Does hosting an internet Q and A count as a long distance relationship? If so, Meagher, time to update your facebook relationship status.

Lazy afternoon? Go ahead and check this out: I got my Ike Diogu on over at FanFoodie -- The man behind Hugging Harold Reynolds, one of the iconic general sports blogs, asked for the must-eat spots for visitors to Portland and in the Rose Garden... Head over there to read about making out in the Lexus Club Level bathroom and then leave your favorite spots in the comments.

Vote on the poll question and then discuss please. And I try not to make demands but, if you're going to the Rose Garden tonight, bring your A+ game. This team needs you.

-- Ben (