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Today's Poll -- Bayless Value Edition

One aspect of the David Lee trade rumors I didn't foresee was Jerryd Bayless's name gettting tossed around. It was, what, like seven months that he was dominating Summer League? Seems like yesterday. Given JB's lack of regular season playing time, his age, and his skill set, not to mention his Face, I would have thought there were at least 7 guys on our roster more likely to get moved (or be mentioned in rumors) than JB. I wrote yesterday, JB "leaves over my dead body"; some of you agreed, but, to my surprise, some of you didn't.

The David Lee talk -- expertly put to bed by Quick -- is now the second time Jerryd's name has come up this season. Who can forget the Chris Broussard incident? Maybe that's because it's hard for people to imagine his talent being bottled up on the bench? Maybe it's something else.

So, I've asked this question about Sergio before; it's only right and fair that I ask it about his backup as well.

Vote and then talk the current and future value of Jerryd Bayless in the comments. Would you include him in a deal if it landed an All Star? Who are some names you'd need to see coming back? Or, do you feel that he's the type of player that could retire as a Blazer?

-- Ben (