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Today's Poll -- Nate and Brandon

Last night I caught a bit of a Monty Williams interview with Brian Wheeler. Monty said that Brandon has enjoyed an incredible 3 year start to his career (how many players in the last 10 years can match his achievements? 2? 3? 4?) and that a big, perhaps overlooked, part of that is how Nate has carefully managed Brandon's development.

It's very rare in the NBA for coaches to not immediately have microphones in their faces when they are available for comment. But sometimes at practice the media pack will walk right on by Nate, heading full speed in Brandon's direction, which usually prompts a light-hearted joke from Coach and a smile. He will lean back against the practice facility wall and take it all in, waiting for the reporters and cameras to trickle back in his direction.

Of course you expect an assistant coach to give praise to his boss when one of the players gets a big-time acknowledgement like an All Star team selection.

Should the rest of us be following Monty's lead? Vote and let's discuss.

Check back for a practice report about 4PM.

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