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Today's Poll -- Does the Schedule Impact Potential Trades?

The Blazers have their mojo working right now and all signs (AK47 going down, the Jazz are 4-6 in their last 10 and on a 4 game losing streak, the Blazers taking care of business at home) point to that continuing on Saturday night. In the runup to the February 19 trade deadline, the Blazers have 8 games and at least 6 (Utah, New York, Golden Sate, Memphis and OKC twice) are very, very winnable.

Do you think the softness in schedule the team has enjoyed for the past week or so, combined with the number of very winnable games left before the trade deadline, will have any impact on whether KP swings a deal?

Consider: there may be some serious apprehension to do a deal when the team is clicking.

Also consider: If the team is 12 of 13 games above .500, one deal might make the difference between a first round exit and the second or third round of the playoffs.

Also consider: KP doesn't have much of a track record when it comes to midseason deals.

Answer the question and let's predict the future in the comments.

-- Ben (