The team that shall not be named is now part of SB-Nation


"Welcome to loud city". Just in time for all our match-ups with the Non-Sonics. Please welcome them as you seem fit, I would say with a warm but mocking welcome a team that traded a proud history for a name and logo that would put most WNBA and d-league teams to shame deserves ;-) But Dave's idea of greeting KD (expires 2011) & Co. with dead silence whenever they have the ball as if they don't exist could still be in place, so I don't know what he would recommend here. I think he would welcome his fellow blogger Mr. Pappagiorgio who was brave enough to take the job. And play some AC/DC in the background while he laughs that they have to hear that a gazillion times during home games (this one is better anyway). P.S: Until proven different, I still believe Bend It Like Bennett is the best blog for the team. At least by far the funniest. P.P.S.: Note that KD is still listed as (F-SEA) by SBN. Love it [said in the voice of J.E. Skeets].