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Today's Poll -- Inside The Mind of Cheikh Samb

You guys know I'm a writer dork.  So instead of voting on a poll today I want you to come up with the best description for what it was like to wake up inside the mind of Cheikh Samb this morning, after getting whatever is worse than posterized last night by Brandon Roy.

Trail Post has a great, funny description...

Brandon Roy's dunk tonight shook Cheikh Samb to the very core of his existence. His sanity flew away with his head band as Brandon Roy destroyed his soul with a leather ball. The head band has not, as of yet, been found.

So did Rip City Project... 

Cheikh Samb might go Madonna-crazy and turn to kabbalah after the jam Roy laid upon his soul. If Darryl Dawkins were to name that dunk, it would be the "Losing your Religion on Planet Lovetron Jamaroo."

I'm going to give you, let's say, 75 words.  Describe as vividly as possible what it's like to be Mr. Samb, knowing that your humiliation is now the #1 sports story on the internet.

As always, rec your favorite entries.  The winner will be shown on the main page.

-- Ben (